The Industrial Knife Company has a shear knife for every metal cutting job. We specialize in tailoring a knife for your specific job. Below are the two most commonly used materials we use in our shear blades:

A) AISI D-2 high-carbon, high-chrome air hardening tool steel. D-2 HcHc has 12-14% chromium material and is designed for maximum number of cuts on a mechanical shear of up to, and including, 1/4" mild steel capacity. It can also be used on hydraulic shears of up to, and including, 3/8" mild steel. When cutting stainless steel, reduce the above capacity limits by 50%.

B) A modified H-13 tool steel is used for shearing metal in excess of 1/4" thick mild steel. This grade can also be used when a customer does not require the long life of our D-2 HcHc steel, but wants something better than a standard carbon tool steel.
All of our shear blades are precision made and heat treated in the most modern furnaces. We carefully inspect all knives before shipping them to our customers.

The Industrial Knife Company's sales department can determine the right shear knife for your operation given the following information:

1) Maximum thickness to be sheared.

2) Description of material to be sheared.

3) Make and model of the machine.



MACHINE NAME & MODEL (refer figs. 1-3) 1 2 3
 A. Length of knife      
 B. Width of knife      
 C. Thickness of knife      
 D. Distance from center of hole to back of knife      
 E. Distance from end of knife to first hole      
 F. Distance from center to center of holes      
 G. Number of rows of holes_____      
 H. Total number of holes____      
 I. Degree of bevel____      
 J. Length of bevel____      
 K. Size of hole____drilled      
      Size of hole____tapped      
 L. Type of steel to be cut      
 M. Capacity of shear machine      
 N. Degree and diameter of countersink      
Industrial Knife Company also offers a high quality state-of-the-art resharpening service. All of our knives are reground to the same exacting tolerances as new knives. This insures quality cuts and maintains a high level of production. Our computer controlled German-made grinding machines, along with our experienced operators, allow us to maintain the following tolerances:

Width - parallel to within .005" from end to end.

Thickness - parallel to within .003" from end to end.

No variations greater than .011 within any 12" of length.

If you demand maximum knife life and shearing quality, use Industrial Knife Company for your resharpening needs. Click HERE for more information of our services.

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