Schönenberger tungsten carbide knives last longer!
Constantly increasing demands for improved productivity require extensive use of the most wear-resistant materials available. Schönenberger tungsten carbide is the ideal material for many applications due to its high hardness, high compressive strength, resistance to high temperatures, dramatic wear-resistance and excellent toughness.

These and many other useful properties are the results of the metallurgical structure of this composite material. Cobalt binders for toughness and nickel alloy binders for corrosion resistance are the matrix for the wear-resistant grains of tungsten carbide and its alloys. By varying the binder content and size of tungsten carbide grains, we can achieve a wide range of qualities for different applications.

The benefits of tungsten carbide are many. Schönenberger tungsten carbide knives will perform 10 to 25 times longer than standard knives. The quality and accuracy of the products are greatly improved, thus reducing rejections and increasing yields. With knife changes reduced, regrinding costs are slashed.

Schönenberger Megalife tungsten carbide is a new generation of carbide designed especially for increased productivity.

Megalife carbide is a superfine micro-grain material which displays an even higher wear resistance than our regular carbide.

The advantages of Megalife carbide over regular carbide:
Lasts 3 to 4 times longer between regrinds.

Improves cutting quality while reducing dust.

Higher compressive strength of the micro grain structure leads to reduced tendency of cutting edges nicking.

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