Modern production facilities enable us to provide virgin compounds to meet the demands of today's cutting tools, with materials developed to ensure optimum performance and durability for all knife types.

Selecting the correct cutting stick for your operation is very important in determining the life of your knife and the quality of your cut.

Please feel free to call us with any questions. We would be happy to provide you with samples of our cutting sticks so that you can decide for yourself which stick is best suited for you.
Standard and custom sizes available.

Colors: red, beige-grey, soft white, and cream.

High density polyehylene, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and nylon.

For standard steel knives, high speed knives, and tungsten carbide knives.

All cutting sticks are manufactured under climatically controlled conditions that ensures a constant product quality.

Tolerances of ± .0004 are achieved on the thickness and width dimensions. The length is kept to .05% per linear meter.


A) Soft White LDPE 41-46 Extremely soft material. Use only when your knives are nicking persistently.
B) Standard White HDPE 67-68 Best suited for standard steel. Can be used with high speed steel.
C) Orange/Red UPVC 80-82 Best suited for standard steel. Can be used with high speed steel.
D) Grey PPH 74-76 Best suited for high speed steel and long life carbide. Can be used with mega-life carbide.
E) *Cream Nylon 82-85 Best suited for mega-life carbide, long-life carbide and high speed steel.
*This is the best stick on the market.

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