The Advantage
of the FASSCO paper knife...

FASSCO F-3000 18% tungsten inlaid high speed steel is the world's best made and longest lasting high speed paper trimming knife on the market today.
The advantages of the FASSCO F-3000 paper knife:

Confidence that only the best suited materials will be used. All F-3000 high speed steel knives are made from a T1 inlay containing 18% tungsten. Expect 3-5 times longer life than standard knives.
FASSCO F-3000 knife is the only knife that is heat treated in a thermostatically controlled vacuum furnace. This expensive method of heat treating ensures that the cutting edge has a uniform hardness. The results are cleaner, longer lasting cuts between regrind. This optimal heat treatment also makes the FASSCO F-3000 the easiest high speed steel knife to resharpen and hone.

All FASSCO F-3000 high speed steel knives are made per OEM specifications, including the angle. Most of our competitors standardize all angles at 24°. However, most European machine builders specify a 22° angle.
We guarantee our FASSCO F-3000 paper trimming knives to outperform any high speed knife on the market today.

Compare one FASSCO F-3000 knife to your present brand for:

Length of service between regrinds.
Straightness and fit.
Accuracy of bevel.
Sharpness and keen edge.

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