The paper and printing industry is rapidly changing. It is extremely important to choose the correct material and angles that best suit your needs.

The Industrial Knife Company, Inc. has been a pioneer in the use of high quality steel to reduce dust. Although there are no easy solutions, we have developed a combination of angle and surface finishes to help reduce dust. And at the same time increase blade life by using the material best suited for a particular application.

Powdered-metallurgical steel is superior to other high speed steels in both grindability and polished finish. Powdered steel is made by pulverization of a fluid molten mass. The fine granules that result are compressed to a homogeneous material that features extremely uniform distribution of carbide.
When you require premium quality slit edges, constant slit width tolerances, less dust, and maximum time between blade changes, Industrial Knife Company's powdered metal top circular slitter is the blade to choose.

Carbide tipped bottom knives are an ideal combination with powdered-metal top knives. These properties of grindability and polished finish of powdered-metal knives are even more applicable to carbide. The application of Industrial Knife Company's tungsten carbide knives will greatly reduce knife changes and consequently reduce production downtimes and loss of quality. This combination retains the cutting edge of the lower knife for a much longer period of time, thus prolonging the life of the knife's cutting edge.

Increase production and reduce dust with Industrial Knife Company's powdered-metal top circular slitters and tungsten carbide bottom knives!!

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